Quite bluntly: a drink consumed at sunset. Romantically said: the time when everyone stops and joins to watch the sun paint the sky in a spectacle of different shades of red and blue. Natures' beauty thankfully celebrated with appropriate drinks.

Want to see how we like to end our day and welcome the night? Check out these simple Birds drink recipes to enjoy your next sunset in style!



Birds Basil Tonic

[refreshing Botany]

40 ml Birds Dry Gin

Top up with Mediterranean Tonic

garnish: Basil


Birds Basil Smash

[basil makes you happy]

50 ml Birds Dry Gin

30 ml lemon juice

20 ml sugar syrup

hard shake with a handful basil

garnish: Basil


Ginger Bird

[slightly spicy]

40 ml Birds Botanical Spirit

10 ml lime juice

top up with Ginger Beer

garnish: berries of the season & pink pepper