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For all of us wanting to connect, to feel apart and welcomed. Here’s an insight of our favorite safe havens / bars, encountered on our travels.



As Dr. Samuel Johnson stated ‘When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life’ and so we agree. It appears there are never ending bar destinations. Yet we have gathered our top pics for you to make your next visit easy.

To find out what has made us decide between the broad range of hospitality go and explore further!


Berlin, the city that truly creates its own time concept, or maybe we should say ‘where time doesn’t really exist’. Since this is our homebase we apologize in advance for any overly emotional biased opinions. On the otherside we do think we’ve stumbled across quite a lot of interesting places new and old for you guys.

Enjoy experiencing our favorite places and who knows, we might see eachother ready to order!


John Green once said: ‘Some say Amsterdam is a city of Sin, but in truth it is a city of Freedom. And in Freedom most people find sin.’ We’ve taken this saying by heart and have gone wandering the streets to find Amsterdam’s Bar Jems.

Now we invite you to feel free to discover our places of Sin, our favorite Bars and sinfully good Cocktails of Amsterdam!

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