Our Story


Lupo Porschen & Basti Fischer

– Travelling Founders –

We are Adventurers.
We are Friends.
we are birds!

A couple of years ago We quit our daily routine and started travelling the world, living free like a bird. We went to all the inspirational places of our dreams and started having the time of our life - without rules and limits. In october 2015 we set out to establish something different, something neverseen before - united by our love for travelling, we created BIRDS, a craft brand dedicated to unite the traveller lifestyle with a spirit that brings together German craftsmanship and best flavours from all continents.

Today we travel the world with a mission. With our brand BIRDS we explore the world’s best bars to bring craft drinks to the next level - inspired by our adventures.
— Lupo Porschen & Basti Fischer

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