Drink Recommendations


For all of us who sometimes have mixed drinks about feelings, here are some of our favorite recipes to get inspired by.

Enjoy as responsible as indulgent!




Apero describes the time prior to a meal when aperitifs are enjoyed, however an Apero is much more than just a time to drink.  It’s essence is to create a social atmosphere, set a mood!  It’s the time for getting together after a day’s work and before the night’s fun. The time to cheer on what is yet to come with a glass full of bubbly happiness. Want to start your dinner party right? Go and explore our suggestions!



Quite bluntly: a drink consumed at sunset. Romantically said: the time when everyone stops and joins to watch the sun paint the sky in a spectacle of different shades of red and blue. Nature's beauty thankfully celebrated with appropriate drinks. Want to see how we like to end our day and welcome the night? Check out these simple drink recipes to enjoy your next sunset with our Birds Sundowner recipes!

Late Night


‘When the moon hits your eyes like a big pizza pie, it’s amore!’ These old time Bar Classics with a birdyful twist surely are Amore! Dive into the night and let go of your inhibitions. Time becomes just a concept,  topics discussed become more complex and so does your drink.Want your cocktail to take you on a journey? Then let these magic potions tell you stories of the past, the present & the future!




Signature ❤ Drink

50 ml Birds Dry Gin

Top up with mild Tonic Water

Garnish: Basil