Bars in Berlin

Berlin, the city that truly has its own time concept or better said “where time is irrelevant” Berlin is our home-base and therefore we would like to apologize in advance for any over emotional or biased opinions. On the other hand, we do think we’ve stumbled across quite a lot of interesting places, old and new for you. Enjoy discovering our favorite places and, who knows, perhaps we shall meet at the bar – ready to order!



Bar in a Jar (Kreuzberg)

Mariannenstraße 29, 10999 Berlin

Izabela the master mind behind this bar creates each cocktail with caution and respect for the ingredients. Its location, right next to the Paul-Lincke-Ufer is perfect for spending summer nights at the water. This is where her innovative bar concept kicks in. Bar in a Jar really does serve you each cocktail in a jar, which makes them perfect for transport to the ‘Ufer’. Go ahead, grab your friends and go down to Izabela to welcome the night @ Bar in a Jar!



Fairytale Bar (Friedrichshain)

Am Friedrichshain 24, 10407 Berlin

‘Once upon a time, hidden away next to a park there was an enchanted place where witches, fairies and dwarfs sat peacefully next to each other. It was told that this place made magic potions that let them all succumb their inhibitions and boundaries.’ This bar truly does take you for an adventurous trip down fairytale lane. Let yourself be surprised and discover your next favorite fairytale!



Hansbach Bar (Friedrichshain)

Samariterstraße 18, 10247 Berlin

This is the kind of bar that everyone needs around their corner. Your kind of ‘Kiez Bar’! There’s different live acts each Monday that bring Berlin’s talented street musicians together. Wednesday’s are for comedy nights and generally every day is for table soccer. Take your drinks outside in summer and feel welcomed no matter how bad your day went. We do highly recommend to try their ‘Schwarzer Hansbach’ as it gets served with salty licorice!



Monkey Bar (Charlottenburg)

Budapester Straße 40, 10787 Berlin

“Come as you are”! The Monkey Bar is located on the 10th floor of the 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin. After a stroll through the pretty Bikini shopping mall and feeding the Monkeys at the Zoo, you get to discover real monkey business in this high volume cocktail bar. Enjoy your drinks while watching the sunset over city west and go check out the monkey cage from above. With live DJ’s each night and various other musical events you’re sure to quickly forget about the hectic city life below.

BIRDS COCKTAIL RECOMMENDATION: “Anananana Long & Walk on the wild side”


Stairs Bar (Wilmersdorf)

Uhlandstraße 133, 10717 Berlin

This hidden gem surely is worth finding! After being let in you will find yourself walking up and then down a flight of stairs, straight into the relaxed, yet classy bar vibe. Almost immediately the stress of the day dissipates. If you’re lucky, Murphy, the bar owners bulldog will pass by your seat and plop next to you on the floor. What are you waiting for! Go get a perfectly mixed drink and ask to hear about how they are keeping the bar as sustainable as possible.